Ingredient #6 NEED: Six Steps to Identifying a Unique Need You Can Transform

"(Your calling is) the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." - Fredrick Buechner

When trying to find work you're passionate about, most people make the mistake of starting with that simple question, "What am I passionate about?" While there isn't anything necessarily wrong with asking that, it's a more ambiguous, confusing place to start from. I think a more helpful question to ask is this, "What need to I want to solve?" By starting with a need you want to solve in the world, you can start to uncover where your passions come from.

Essentially, when someone describes something they are passionate about, what they are really saying is, "There is a need I'm trying to solve in the world." Our passions are driven by the deep desire to solve the world's needs.

So, that begs the question-- how do you locate needs in the world? This is where the skill of mindfulness comes into place. As you go throughout your day you'll be able to start identifying needs that you can potentially solve. Once you find a need, it's something that will propel you to another level of energy and focus as you dive deeper and deeper into solving that problem.

In this key ingredient video I talk about:

  • How to locate needs in the world or in your workplace
  • 6 ways we can identify needs
  • How Jerry Seinfield uses comedy to solve a unique need in the world
  • Why you shouldn't become over focused on a solution, but solving the need

The best part about identifying a need you're passionate about is that you can quit focusing on the outcome. I wanted to write a New York Times Best Seller, but because I was so passionate about solving the needs so many 20 somethings face, I was able to enjoy the process of writing my books whether or not that happened for me. That's what happens you identify a need, the process of doing that work transcends any results you may or may not achieve.

More and more I'm realizing that our most profound ideas, our biggest breakthrough-- it's not going to happen by inspiration, but forced out by necessity. It becomes so real, because the need is becoming very real. It's a powerful place to operate from.

Guided Video Series & Workbook Questions:

In this video Heath and I talk about a need he is trying to solve in the RV/travel industry.

Question to answer below:

When you look at the world you live in, what frustrates you or what problems would you love to address?

On a macro level (Big picture, scope)?

Then on a micro-level? (community, church, family)

Leave your answer below.

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